As a senior researcher/research scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge, I’m at the forefront of the exciting and rapidly growing field of Causal and Bayesian machine learning. Specifically, I’m passionate about applying modern (probabilistic) deep learning methods to solve some of the most challenging problems in causal reasoning, Bayesian inference, and experimental design.

Through my research, I’m working towards enabling more accurate and reliable decision-making in complex systems, allowing for better outcomes and greater impact. My dedication to advancing the field of machine learning is fueled by my belief that this technology has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. Whether it’s developing more effective medical treatments, improving business operations, or unlocking new scientific discoveries, the possibilities are endless. If you are also interested in similar topics, feel free to reach out

Apart from research, I am also a hobbyist composer during my free time. Checkout some of my works!

More about me

Before joining Microsoft, I did my Ph.D (2018- early 2023) in Machine Learning Group, CBL at the University of Cambridge, supervised by Prof. José Miguel Hernández-Lobato, and advised by Prof. Richard Turner. My PhD research focused on the field of probabilistic machine learning, especially approximate inference, Bayesian deep learning, and generative models. I also specialized in variational inference for stochastic processes. Check out my PhD thesis Advances in Bayesian Machine Learning: From Uncertainty to Decision Making.

During my PhD, I also worked as an intern researcher at Microsoft Reserach Cambridge (MSRC), under the supervision of Dr. Cheng Zhang.

Before joining the University of Cambridge, I obtained an MRes degree in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning from the Depertment of Computer Science, University College London, supervised by Prof. David Barber. During my time at UCL, my research focused on Stein methods for Bayesian inference on doubly intractable models and Gaussian Processes. You can find my master’s thesis here.