Young Hans Zimmer, the Godfather of orchestral sampling, recorded one of the word’s first private orchestral libraries in 1994.

Sometimes it is fun to do something very different from my daily research. As a hobbyist composer, I enjoy writing music in my free time a lot. My compositions are mainly orchestral, cinematic and epic hybrid type of music. Fourtunately, thanks to the advancement of mordern orchestral sampling technologies since the 90s, it was made possible to create realistic/hyper-realistic orchestral mockups with minimum hardware equipments. Nowadays, numerous orchestral sampling companies like VSL, Eastwest, Spitfire Audios, Orchestral Tools and 8dio are constantly pushing forward the boundaries.

A recent keyboard work

Recently I started as a Netease musician and release some of my compositions/demos occasionally. My work has been featured in various of media including Xinhua Daily Telegraph and campaign trailers for companies such as ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). Part of my music have also been used by many content creators on social media platforms such as Bilibili and Tik-tok. Below is a sample of my submission to the Westworld film scoring competition last year, where composers are asked to re-score a car chase action scene (a very slow one though) from the Westworld Season 3. Hope you enjoy it 🙂