Young Hans Zimmer, the Godfather of orchestral sampling, recorded one of the world’s first private orchestral libraries in 1994.

I find it refreshing to take a break from my daily research and engage in a quite different hobby. As a hobbyist composer, I love spending my free time writing music. Influenced deeply by film composers such as Hans Zimmer, Tom Holkenborg, John Powell, and John Williams, my compositions typically feature instrumental, cinematic pieces for orchestra or piano.

In 2020 I was signed as a Netease musician and started to release tracks occasionally. My work has been used in various media, including Xinhua Daily Telegraph, and campaign trailers for companies such as ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). Many content creators have also used part of my music on social media platforms such as Bilibili and Tik-tok.


(Declaimer: all these tracks have been registered and are under copyright protection. No commercial use is allowed without permission.)

(2023, Epic piano solo) Dionysus/酒神. Performed by Victor Hugo Morales.

Link to the piano sheet music

This new composition is based on two images from Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy”: the Apollonian god (dreams/reason/manifestation) and the Dionysian god (ecstasy/abandonment/fear/music). The music aims to showcase the spirit of the “Dionysian” that Nietzsche portrayed through these images (the “aesthetic phenomenon” rationalizes existence). The composition is built upon a melodic theme representing the Dionysian, while variations and harmonies symbolizing the Apollonian are interspersed at appropriate moments. Through constant variation, the music portrays the reconciliation and interdependence of these two aspects.

(2022, Cinematic orchestral music) Supernova/超新星. Joint work with David Han

(2021, hybrid trailer music) I’M-Mortal/凡人之躯. feat. Clara Sorace.

(2020, Film scoring music for Westworld Season 3) Free will/自由意志

This my submission to the Westworld film scoring competition 2020, where composers are asked to re-score a car chase action scene (a very slow one though) from the Westworld Season 3.

(2019, Epic orchestral music).WAVES/漆黑暗涌

My first ever written orchestral track, but got surprisingly popular (over 1M plays on Netease/Tik-tok).